Site Evaluation


Five hours to get a copy of your site, perform our upgrade analysis and report our findings.



During this initial phase of work we perform the following:

  • Downloading: Getting access to your site so we can get a copy using a typical backups plugin. We typically don’t need Media Library files for this step, since those can bloat the backup file significantly.
  • Developing: Setting up your site in our development environment with latest WP core and PHP 7.3. We use a redirect to link your media library files from the production site since we didn’t need to copy all those big files.
  • Discovering: See what all breaks, what error logs are showing up, which plugins need updating, etc.
  • Updating: Apply software updates accordingly. Some third party plugins or themes may require new client purchased licenses to provide the updates.
  • Reporting: Based on our findings, we’ll get you an estimate to complete your site’s upgrade and any add-ons that we recommend.